The Harker School’s 2013 Student Directed Showcase – 1/4/13

On the evening of January 4, 2013, The Harker School held the 2013 Student Directed Showcase (SDS). This was an evening of four one-act plays directed, produced, and teched entirely by Harker Conservatory students.

Cecilia Lang-Ree, who will be playing Tanya in Family Party, directed The Shadow Box. The Shadow Box follows the stories of 3 family groups, each with a terminally ill member, over one seminal day at a hospice facility. As secrets and tensions are revealed, relationships change – but every person comes to a greater appreciation for what they have in life.

Vishal Vaidya, who will be playing Nick in our film, performed in D.N.A. In D.N.A., a group of teenagers accidentally kills a girl during a hazing process for entrance to their “gang.” They successfully cover up the murder whereupon they realize that she is actually alive and end up actually killing her to keep her from exposing them for murder.

These students never cease to amaze us with their talent and passion for the performing arts!

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