The Family Party house and on-site rehearsals!

Our team has put on our creative hats and taken the plunge headfirst into pre-production. The first point of business was to lock the family party house where a majority of the filming takes place.

After a rigorous month of location scouting, we confirmed the following home in the Oakland Hills. The home is perfect for the layout of the story and we will have the ability to control the home for our production pipeline.

On Friday, June 7th, Director Pari Mathur, Producer Felix Ding, and the young adult cast: Vishal Vaidya (Nick), Jai Ahuja, (Sahil) and Rahul Namalasu (Sanjay) went onsite to Oakland to get a sense for the layout of the house. This initial walkthrough is an added bonus for conversation when we block the scenes with our Director of Photography, Richie. Here are a few behind the scenes photographs:

Then, we all had a team lunch at In-N-Out. Here is a pic of sad Vishal because he is about to eat his last animal style fries.

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