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Hunter Milano | Family Party
Meet The Cast

Hunter Milano as "Gary"

Hunter Milano will be a senior in his third year at Oakland School for the Arts. His most recent roles include Dill Harris in Center Rep’s production of To Kill A Mockingbird and George in last year’s production of Of Mice and Men at OSA. He has been acting virtually all his life and loves doing it because it is the only thing that makes sense to him amongst all the confusion of real life. He is extremely excited for his first experience in working on a feature film and cannot wait to work with a bunch of ambitious people who love creating things.

  • Favorite Movie: There Will Be Blood
  • Favorite Artist: Animal Collective
  • Rapper Name: Abraham Lincoln
  • Favorite Cereal: Apple Jacks
  • Celebrity Hug: Louis C.K because it would be so uncomfortable or Heath Ledger’s ghost cause I miss that dude or Natalie Portman because NATALIE PORTMAN.